meet our team

Abraham Kleora

The director of the GrowHub  project  ,“Innovation in the worlds of early childhood”, at the Hapaot Center,  initiates creates and accompanies the innovation processes.

Abraham Kleora is a  multidisciplinary designer with a Bachelor’s degree in industrial design, from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. He also holds a master’s degree in design and innovation from the College of Management with extensive experience in various design disciplines.

Among his various roles, he has worked as a teacher and youth counselor in non-formal education. He also held the position of Director of the “Involved Parents” association, which promoted moves and created changes in the field of education, social, and community.

Liron Kadshai

Community manager in the GrowHub project ,“Innovation in the worlds of early childhood” ,at the “Hapaot Center”.

Liron has a background in non-formal education, experience in managing partnerships, establishment and inclusion of professional committees  and other projects and multicultural population.  

In her previous position, she managed the national program for children and youth at risk in the Arab society in Haifa, as well as running a NA’A’MAT daycare center for preschoolers.

 She worked at the “Branco Weiss” Institute as the director of the “Kdam Atidim” program.

Liron  holds a bachelor’s degree in Special Education and Sociology and a master’s degree in Management of Education Systems.

Iris London-Zolty

Iris London Zolty, a lawyer with a master’s degree in business administration (MBA), is active in the early childhood world for over 15 years. 

Iris founded and managed the Agnes and Benny Steinmetz Foundation, which set itself the goal of promoting the field of early childhood in the State of Israel

Iris specializes in content writing and marketing management in various digital media.

GrowHub is the first Israeli innovation hub
in the world of early childhood

Meet The initiative team

Michal Zeevi - Bender

Chairman and the initiative's mentor

Michal has led strategic innovation initiatives for many businesses, from struggling start-ups to well-established global enterprises in fields such as industrial manufacturing, advertising, telecom, online gaming, retail, creative collaboration, and new media. Her work includes facilitating the cooperation between startups and MNCs, building ideation sessions, workshops, and novel business models, and implementing new and repurposed technologies into existing processes and product lines.   She has lectured at the IDC, at both the Efi Arazi Computer Science department and the Zell Entrepreneurship program, at Microsoft ThinkNext, and has also built a course on the topic of innovation for international students at Haifa University.

Prof. Orit Hazan

Faculty Member
Faculty of Science and Technology Education at the Technion

Hazzan joined the Department of Education in Technology and Science in October 2000. Her research focuses on computer science, software engineering and data science education. She researches cognitive, social and managerial processes on individual, team and organizational levels in high schools, academia and industry. She has published about 120 papers in professional refereed journals and conference proceedings, and seven books. In 2006–2008, Hazzan served as the Technion’s Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies; In 2007-2010 she chaired the High School Computer Science Curriculum Committee appointed by the Israeli Ministry of Education. In 2011-2015, Hazzan was the Dean of the Technion’s Faculty of Education in Science and Technology and during 2017-2019, Hazzan was the Technion Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

Prof. Tirza Yoels

Developmental Psychologist University of Haifa

Yoels is occupied with sharing academic research and knowledge in developmental psychology with people working onsite. She has served for many years as a point person for professionals (judges, lawyers, social workers, early childhood professionals and more) on various issues related to child development.

Prof. Yoels was a member of several governmental  committees in the fields of early childhood.

Prof. Giora Pillar

Director of the Department of Pediatrics
Carmel Hospital

He received his medical and doctoral degrees from the Technion, and thereafter completed a fellowship in sleep medicine at the Sleep Medicine, Endocrinology and Circadian Rhythm Department, Brigham & Women Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.  He is certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine and has over 20 years of experience as a clinician in both pediatrics and sleep medicine.  He also worked as a pediatrician in the Child Center at Tirat Carmel for seven years.   Prof. Pillar has been teaching pediatrics and sleep medicine courses to students and residents for over 20 years.  He has authored over 100 papers in peer review journals and has written several book chapters.  He is on the editorial board of The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine and the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine and has received awards for his scientific tutorial and clinical work

Alona Abt

Founder and CEO
"Hop!" Television channel
for young children

Launched over two decades ago as the world’s very first channel dedicated to preschoolers, Hop! has since  evolved into a major media group.  With Hop! Channel, Luli (a channel for toddlers) and “Yaldut Israelit” (Israeli Childhood- a channel for family viewing) the Hop! Group , holds the major share in childrens’ content market in  Israel. In her various roles and positions, Alona’s professional achievements and unique abilities to attain organizational goals, while creating a balance between quality and financial robustness, have contributed to the Group’s success. Her creativity has earned her a strong reputation in the professional media market. Her past roles include Founder and Managing Director of Argo films, a production and distribution company for kids’ programs and documentaries, and Managing Director of ABA Communication that specializes in production of feature films.

Eric Kerman

VP of Babyfirst Media

Arik is responsible for overseeing all areas of programming strategy, production and original programming development for linear and nonlinear channels including  a 24/7 linear TV channel that is aired in 60 million households in the US and in over 33 countries worldwide, 12 YouTube channels, VOD and OTT platforms such as Amazon, Hulu, and Roku. In addition, he supervised development of more than 30 mobile apps. Arik is also responsible for managing the day-to-day broadcasting operations of the channel which  include overseeing four territorial play lists in thirteen different languages.  Prior to BabyFirst, Arik gained more than 10 years’ experience producing major network, prime time and cable programs as well as documentaries and childrens’ programming

Yossi Sabag

Vice President
Tiny Love - baby toys

As part of his duties, he initiated and pushed for the development of innovative products, and led teams in Israel and around the world.

Serves as a product development consultant for LittleOne.Care is an innovative startup that allows parents to monitor 24/7, the care, development, and safety of the baby.

Prof. Tzipi Horowitz Kraus

Head of the Child Brain Imaging Laboratory,
Faculty of Science and Technology Education at the Technion

Dr. Horowitz-Kraus is the principal investigator for several pediatric neuroimaging research projects funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to advance an understanding of neural circuits supporting learning and language in the typically and atypically developing brain. She plays an active role in several governmental initiatives in Israel to improve wellbeing and education in babies and infants.

Tali Admoni

Founder of the language project "Talk to Me"

Tali is the Leads of “Talk to Me – The Window of Opportunities for the Mind Up to Age 3”, a Social Initiative to Raise Parental Awareness  and address the criticality of speech and reading . This facilitates them with tools to promote the language of infants and toddlers. 

Tali Admoni has a wide experience in marketing with extensive experience in senior management positions in the business field. She develops tools and methods for establishing positions and behaviors in education systems and accompanies assimilation processes in kindergartens and schools.

Ms. Admoni holds a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and a master’s degree in administration and leadership in education.

Dr. Anat Bar

Director of the Hapaot Center

Dr. Anat Bar is the founder and director of  Hapaot (infant) Center  for early  childhood developmental since 1986, and is also the Director for Early Childhood at Tirat Carmel Municipality. She holds a PhD in Leadership and Policy in Education and an M.A. in Educational Counseling, both from the University of Haifa

The Management of Hapaot center

Michal Alef

director of organization developing

Organizational Development Coordinator at the Hapaot Center

Michal Holds a master’s degree in political science from the Hebrew University.

 She has been involved for years in concentrating and developing social and educational programs in the community, developing partnerships and project management.